Meet The Dirtiest Man Alive Who Hasn’t Taken A Bath In 65 Years.

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Meet Amou Haji, A native of Iran who hasn’t taken a bath in 65 years. Amou was 20 years old when he decided not to ever again wash himself with soap and water. The reason for this ridiculous change in lifestyle was because he was a victim of heartbreak. Apparently, his girlfriend left him for another man and it tore him apart. As a result of his heartbeat, Amou decided to live the rest of his life in the wild.

Amou once revealed that some of his relatives located him and tried to give him a bath but he escaped before the dreaded water could touch him. Amou doesn’t eat much, he usually drinks 5 – 7 liters of water everyday to stay healthy. Due to decades of extreme dirtiness, Amou has totally transformed into the same color as the earth. The people living close to him usually mistook him for a rock when he stays still.

Amou seems to have blend in with the environment he lives and he seems really comfortable. He doesn’t have a house, instead he lives in a hole that was dug in the size that best suits him. See more of his pictures below.

Most people see Amou’s lifestyle as a cry for help but he seems really happy. Despite the fact that people might find his lifestyle disgusting, Amou now holds Guinness world record as the dirtiest man alive. What is more interesting about Amou Haji is the fact that he has survived for 85 years despite his dirty lifestyle.

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